Tenants are right to be angry says Theresa May

Tenants are right to be angry

Tenants are right to be angry says Theresa May

“Landlords play an important role in the housing market” said Prime Minister Theresa May during her speech launching the revised National Planning Policy Framework.

However the Prime Minister’s statement that “tenants were right to be angry when they’re forced to hand more and more of their wages to a landlord to whom their home is simply a business asset” caused mixed reactions.

Responding to Theresa May’s comments on the private rented sector (PRS), Richard Lambert, CEO of the National Landlords Association said:

“If Theresa May wants to improve conditions, affordability and security in the PRS then she should look to herself and her Government.

“They should start by reversing George Osborne’s damaging attack on landlords’ finances, which will push up rents and see more tenants losing their homes as landlords are forced to sell up and leave the market.

“We look forward to the Prime Minister putting forward some productive proposals to match her rhetoric.”

Prime Minister Theresa May said in her speech:

“Whether you’re renting by choice or necessity, you’re not any less of a person for doing so and you should not be treated as such. But the rise in houses prices has helped create a rental market in which bad practice can flourish, where people can be exploited, and where tenants are all too often seen as an inconvenient commercial necessity rather than as individuals with rights and needs.

“Private landlords play an important role in the housing market. Talk to tenants, however, and you’ll repeatedly hear complaints that people are paying more and more for less and less. So this government is taking action to clean up the rental market and bring down the cost of renting.

“Too many tenants have got used to being hit with rip-off fees by letting agents, facing huge upfront bills to check references or sign contracts. That’s simply not fair, so we’re banning letting agents from charging most tenants any fees at all.

“Families face being uprooted every six months when their leases expire, so we’re working to make longer tenancies the norm.

“Rogue landlords have been flouting rules that protect tenants’ rights and safety. So we’ve given local authorities new powers to crack down on such behavior, and we’re backing legislation that will ensure all rental properties are fit for human habitation.

“With no regulation in property management, the door has been open to cowboy agents – with tenants, leaseholders, freeholders and honest agents all paying the price. That’s why we’re working with reputable property managers and their clients to clean up and regulate the sector.

“Our new planning rules encourage providers to build more homes specifically for rent, so supply goes up and rents come down.

“And, later this year, our social housing green paper will look at what more can be done to ensure everyone living in social housing is treated fairly.

“Whether in the private or social sector, renting your home should be affordable, safe and fair – and I’m working hard to make sure that’s the case.”

Read the full text of Theresa’s May speech here: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/pm-speech-on-making-housing-fairer-5-march