Rent Assured In North Wood

Rent Assured

Northwood is a residential area within London, and is a part of the Hillingdon Borough, which is the second largest of all the London boroughs. Situated right beside the first National Nature Reserve to be in an urban area of England, the Ruislip Woods are a beautiful location of fairy tale like forest trails to amble peacefully through.

With a population of 11,068 people, this is certainly an area with a strong demand for property. If you’re a landlord already with a buy-to-let business, or if you’re thinking of getting into the industry there can still be many causes for hesitation.

Property management is a hefty undertaking, with the role of a landlord requiring constant attention to maintenance and tenants. Common problems can include complaints, repairs, void periods and rent arrears, which can then sometimes lead to legal costs.

The issue of void periods and rent arrears in particular can be very stressful. They lead you to worry about being able to pay your mortgage, and leave you in doubt about the future of letting out your property.

A rent guarantee scheme can provide the protection from such issues occurring. This does exactly as you’d imagine, and gives rent protection for landlords through ensuring that every month rent is paid into their accounts. This then alleviates the major worry of not being able to secure the income needed to sustain your property and make a profit from it.

Guarantee My Rent work with over half of the London boroughs, including Hillingdon and the Northwood area. The company offers guaranteed rents by providing the agreed amount in advance every month, even if the property becomes empty.

The unique thing about our landlord rent guarantee is that it’s offered with the expertise of seventeen years of experience. Through this we have developed an understanding of the struggles and help that landlords need, and the skills most necessary for helping to resolve them.

Our guaranteed rental services also include complete property management assistance. You’ll be able to hand all the paperwork, complaints and dealing with tenants over to us, as well as any maintenance.

Many worry about getting surprised by hidden fees, such as the commission costs that are common from letting agents, or set up fees and repair costs. We keep a straightforward contract that makes clear all the details in a transparent light. After evaluating your property and discussing your expectations we can come to an agreement on the rent, which is always offered at a competitive rate.

You’ll then receive your first rental payment just 24 hours after signing up with us. Although some may feel uncomfortable about the idea of passing their property over to someone else to manage, as the agency effectively becomes the tenant, this does not necessarily have to mean they lose all say in the decisions made.

Guarantee My Rent take pride in creating good relationships with landlords and tenants, making sure that we keep on top of any problems that might occur, and checking that everyone is satisfied with our services. Communication is at the core of why our services can be so effective in helping landlords to protect their income.

We take on a variety of properties from around London and the Home Counties. This includes Northwood and the leafy surrounding areas within Hillingdon and Hertfordshire. If you own a property or are thinking of buying one to let in the Northwood and North London vicinity then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss an evaluation.

Through working with the various London councils we are not only helping to provide landlords with the security for their incomes and future, but also helping those that are in especial need of accommodation.