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Guaranteed Rent

So what exactly is a  “Guaranteed Rent” scheme, you ask? Although the name itself gives away the meaning of the term “Guaranteed Rent”, the finer details of what this includes should clarify how helpful our guaranteed rent agreement can be.

Rent can be a bit of a marmite situation. You either love it (if you’re a landlord), or hate it (if you’re a tenant). Unfortunately, this split often times causes a lot of hassle, especially when you’re a stressed out property owner spending most of your time chasing pound signs.

It’s for this reason that rent is at the heart of many landlords troubles. If you’re not receiving it on time, then the whole fate of your business becomes threatened. Whether considering renting out a property or already doing so, you need the knowledge that it’s going to provide you with a regular income.

No confidence in the financial security of your property letting opens up a whole other can of worms too. Suddenly the typical stresses of the job become all the more pressured, with worries of having enough money to spend on maintenance and other costs, as well as extra time needed to be spent on interviewing potential tenants, trying your best to avoid re-occurrences of any rent arrears.

If such problems concern you, a guaranteed rent scheme is what you should consider. Guarantee My Rent offers this scheme as our headlining service, and it has been the unique guiding force to our success.

As soon as you’ve signed a contract with us. we’ll be transferring your first month’s rent into your account within 24 hours. In addition to that, we’ll make sure that you’ll receive your agreed amount of rent in advance monthly, all the while taking care of everything else. We’ll interview the tenants, handle complaints, as well as maintain the condition of the property via our dedicated Repairs Team to a high standard.

Regardless if the property is vacant or occupied, the agreed upon monthly rent will still be paid. Our guaranteed rent for landlords means that your property is completely secure, and your income protected.

If it sounds too good to be true, let us put your mind at ease. Our guaranteed rent for landlords is offered with twenty years of experience within this field. Our property management skills have been honed and developed to expertly match the needs of London landlords.

If you’re a property owner in or around the London area then you’re eligible for our services. Regardless of your situation, be it a property you’ve been left by a relative, or a second property you’ve bought, we guarantee we can help.

Guaranteed Rent

Our goal through offering guaranteed rent in London is to increase the desire of private property owners to want to rent out their properties, and not feel intimidated by the lengthy and difficult processes often involved. We also want to offer reliability to both the property owner and the tenants, so that everyone is kept happy.

We like to make things as easy as possible for new clients too, so that if you do decide to sign up for our guaranteed rent property management, all that’s involved is a simple signed contract. No fuss necessary. From here onward, you’ll receive guaranteed rent for five years, and can breathe a sigh of money assurance relief.

Another worry you may have is that of hidden costs. We promise there aren’t any. You won’t find the usual letting agency fees with us, and the contract, introduction and maintenance are completely free, along with gas and EPC certificates.

We treat all those we work with in a polite and helpful manner, hoping to make you feel confident and comfortable with our services. Our guaranteed rent in London has helped many already, and could be just the scheme you need to turn your life around and plan towards a safer, better protected future.

If you still feel unsure of how this could benefit you then feel free to get in touch with us to find out more information from our friendly team of experts.

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