Property has long been seen as a strong investment and thanks to the Guaranteed Rent income offered by Guarantee My Rent, this has never been more true.

Why Is Property a Strong Investment?

Although we are being constantly told that the property market is unstable and housing prices are falling, there are still many strong positives; especially if you already own a property.

With fewer people being able to afford or pass the necessary checks to get onto the property ladder, the rental industry is positively booming; and if you are an existing property owner then you are in the envious position of being able to fulfill a desperate need.

At the time of the property market boom, many investors were buying houses simply to rent them out because of the potential income that having tenants in those properties could bring them.

In fact, for many people this was their sole income and many made an entire career of buying properties in order to let them out.

The Problem

However, many landlords and property owners found that the work which they had to put in, in order to maintain a steady income, was much more than they expected. Before they could even show a tenant around the property they would need to ensure it was fully maintained and all appliances certified.

Then they would need to meet, interview and perform background checks on potential tenants.

After this, their responsibility would be to ensure that any problems the tenants encountered, such as damages and faults within the property were fixed promptly.

Moreover, they would have to hope that the tenants were able to regularly pay their agreed rent and didn’t cause any problems which lead to legal proceedings.

Therefore, finding a reliable tenant has proved tedious and a hard job in itself.

Without the regular and guaranteed income provided by steady and reliable tenants, many property owners either decided that they couldn’t afford to continue letting property, or sadly had the decision taken away from them with repossession or bankruptcy.

If only they had the Guaranteed Rent Income  which is being offered by Guarantee My Rent.

Guaranteed Rent Income

Guarantee My Rent have been working in property management and with property owners for over 20 years and within that time, we have offered the same promise time and again; a Guaranteed Rent for Landlords.

Our guaranteed rent system ensures that from the second a landlord signs our simple contract, we’ll manage every aspect of their property let from all issues regarding tenants to maintenance and emergencies. You as a landlord need never worry about a thing.

What’s more is whether the property you own is empty or rented, we will still offer the same Guaranteed Rent Income for Landlords.

Within our entire time, we have never received a single complaint from a landlord, and never broken our promise of Guaranteed Rent for Landlords. You can depend on our promise!

For further details on how Guarantee My Rent – Guaranteed Rent Income Scheme could give you the peace of mind you need and deserve,

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