Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

Guaranteed Rent for Landlords

“Guarantee My Rent has been working with Landlords and Property Owners for over 20 years to offer zero hassle guaranteed rents and with thousands of happy customers behind us, it’s little wonder that our reputation continues to grow.”

As a property owner or landlord, we are better equipped than most estate agents to understand just how difficult your situation can be due to our vast amount of experience and knowledge in the sector.

Not only do you have to spend your free time interviewing and carrying out background checks on potential tenants but the maintenance of the property in question is also your sole responsibility.

This means that you need to assess the property, raise it to the required and certifiable standards, then continue regular maintenance AND respond to emergencies – which, let’s face it, never happens at convenient times!

Having done all of that work to find the perfect tenant and provide them with their ideal new home, you could still face the prospect that at any time they could decide to leave, putting you back to square one but with no income until the time you find another tenant.

Or a tenant may prove to be difficult and may refuse to pay little or no rent causing rent arrears! As a legal requirement landlords must go through the legal courts to gain an eviction which is costly and could take months and months! This alone would cause losses in income and an additional stress of trying to evict a tenant.

With the interruption in regular income and stresses that can arise from renting a property, many landlords find themselves in the unenviable position of having to dip into their own savings or income to make ends meet. This can prove catastrophic in some situations where people are struggling to meet their mortgage payments and raise a family causing an abundance of stress.

With all that to contend with, it’s little wonder that many landlords find themselves wondering if all the fuss and hassle is worth it!

But what if you could guarantee your rent every month without fail AND have someone else take management of all of the running around, maintenance and tenant issues for no charges whatsoever?

Guarantee My Rent has the Answer

Our motto here is “Guarantee Your Rent; Guarantee Your Peace of Mind” and it’s something we pride ourselves upon.

Not only do we manage the letting side of your property, but also you’ll never need worry about a missed payment, legal costs, maintenance or the nightmare of a tenant absconding leaving you with arrears.

Guaranteed Rent for Landlords means exactly what it says; even if your property is left empty, we’ll still guarantee to pay your monthly rent and includes up to three months in advance direct into your bank account.

As many property owners before you have found, our phenomenal Guaranteed Rent for Landlords scheme is the answer to all of their problems and gives them the stability and peace of mind to enjoy the financial benefits of this fantastic arrangement.

For further details on how Guarantee My Rent – Guaranteed Rent for Landlords Scheme could give you the peace of mind you need and deserve, contact our experienced and knowledgeable staff today!