General Inquiries

Q: What are the fees?

A: None.

Q: What is the difference between guarantee my rent and a private agency?

A: The difference between us and a private agency is, you’ll get no commission and admin fees with us, we handle all complaints and admin work as opposed to you having to have all the responsibility, in addition, there is guaranteed income regardless of whether your property is being rented out.

Q: What kind of tenants do we place in properties?

A: Depending on your your requests, the tenants range from tenants on benefit to private tenants.

Q: How much money do you attain from this deal?

A: This depends on your property. After inspections, we evaluate the grounds and come up with a fixed price.

Q: Who is in charge of management?

A: We provide our very own services when it comes to the maintenance/management of your property. Our repairs team are fully qualified to handle anything situation from plumbing and heating, electrical inspection, fire management, pest control, security management, cleaning services, roofing and service repairs painting and decorating, refurbishment, planned preventive maintenance, reactive maintenance to facilities management.

Q: How long does the whole process take?

A: Within 48 hours, we will have your property rented out.

Q: Can the company do whatever we want to the property?

A: Only with your consent, can we do whatever we want to your property.

Q: Why choose us?

A: Having 20 years of experience makes us experts in this field, we give you guaranteed income for 5 years with no void periods, we manage, inspect, and maintain your property as we treat the property as if it is as own. There are no worries with us.